Development and Training is one of the secrets to bringing success and sustainable development to every enterprise. Training should be implemented regularly to increase working capacity and improve the ability of individuals as well as the operational capacity of the whole organization.
Training is a key task in human resource strategy and closely related to other factors such as success routine, organizational development, evaluate performance of individual and organization…
BOND Training & Development Co., Ltd was established with the desire to share and support enterprises to maximize the energy and efficiency of the staffs.
BOND is symbolized the cohesion, tightness, attachment, solidarity, connection, and emotional connection, so we always create connection and cohesion in training and development of human resource programs, promote trainees’ personal values and create value for customers. We aim to good values for customers, inspiring and encouraging our customers to maximize their own internal potential.
BOND – Beyond Devotion means “More than dedication”, expresses the desire to conquer the most difficult things, devote and forward to good values and humanity.

Nguyen Van Quan
Chief Executive Officer