BOND Training & Development Co., Ltd was established from the foundation of Holding company Big Sky with many years of various fields operation which human resource development and training is a key business.
In order to deeply develop and forward to the best values for customers, BOND Training & Development Co., Ltd was established with professional training on service, soft skills, vocational skills, management/leadership skills as well as building and developing enterprise culture.
With the objective of bringing the best values for customers through employee development and training, BOND mainly focuses on practical skills training.

Products provided by BOND Training & Development Co., Ltd includes:
– Consulting on developing training models, systems for enterprises
– Direct coaching for managers of training activities management
– Consulting on developing management system
– Directly develop, design and implement training program:
   + Service mind; Excellent service; Service from the heart
   + Concentrated teaching skills (Train the trainer); Professional training skills (Vocational training skills)
   + Director of Building Management Board, shopping/Trade Center
   + Public classes / schools; Link with strategic partners
– Appraising hotel skills, building management, shopping/Trade centers
– Provide customer service to secretly evaluate services and offer solutions to improve service quality for enterprises.